Father, husband and racecar driver Tom Craven is the picture of all-American success. He’s spent the last ten years as one of the top drivers in the NASCAR circuit. Working from a Colorado ranch, Team Craven has won nearly every major prize in racing, except for the National title Sprint Cup. Tom has worked hard to get where he is, albeit at the expense of his family and his faith. His life is all about rules, discipline and an obsessive drive to succeed.

Tom’s 24-year old son Andy is the polar opposite. He’s a lovable, artistic free spirit, who’s embarrassed by his family’s redneck life. His life is defined by hip-hop culture, street racing and bucking the rules of society. He’s accused of being a slacker who’s leeching off of his father’s success but he doesn’t care. He’s gotten in too deep with the wrong crowd but can’t shake the reputation he’s built for himself.

The only thing that holds the family in place is the Team Craven garage, the one place everyone is together. Tom and his team works on one side and Andy works mostly alone on his. In the garage, Tom’s wife Katie is the team’s biggest cheerleader and everyone’s best friend. Rudolph is an old, ornery mechanic, who acts as the sage of our story. Jesse, a country girl, who works as a mechanic in the garage, has been friends with Andy for years and is secretly in love with him but feels as though he’d never fall for her.

Everyone appears fine, though riddled with facades, until one night when Andy is arrested after an illegal race. His father comes unglued when he has to bail him out of jail and gives him a rage-filled ultimatum – change your life or you’re out of the house, and the garage. Andy refuses to submit to his father and leaves home, breaking his father’s rules and Jesse’s heart.

A few weeks later, a tragic wreck leaves Tom in a wheelchair and off the track. Tom’s life falls into downward spiral as his marriage and financial affairs begin to suffer. Meanwhile, Andy is no better off. We see the effects of his fast lifestyle and his fickle friends. When Andy chooses to go home, we see a father and son who need each other to put the pieces back together.

One day, when Tom is watching his son driving up towards the house, he gets the idea to train his son to race for him. Andy accepts the offer and agrees to let father coach him how to drive the car. Predictably, the two instantly butt heads but Rudolph helps them see each other’s perspective. Though the two clash in style and technique, Andy slowly learns the nuisances of NASCAR and actually begins to place in a few races and Team Craven is back on the leader board and eventually in contention for the top prize.

Fearful that Andy will end up like Tom, Jesse sabotages the car before a big race, causing Andy’s car to malfunction in the middle of the track. The disqualification leaves Team Craven with one race left to take the Sprint Cup. With everything on the line, it’s up to father and son to figure out a way to win the final race. When Andy suggests a daring move he learned in street racing, Tom’s initial reaction is negative, but when another setback puts victory out of reach, both father and son risk everything to win it all.