Capital One was a blast. We traveled to six cities and London, or more specifically Nottingham, England. I can only describe the trip from London to Nottingham as a blur. We were picked up in a large black Mercedes and 120 mph later down the M5, or whatever highway, we arrived. The country was beautiful and we were eating lunch and dinner in places, pubs, older than the US. The show was very elaborate in that we had to choreograph numerous extreme activities in to cohesive show. All the cities were a good time. I can attribute that to two things. The talent we hired and the Capital One people. Rich and Nigel, owners at the time, were very approachable and unpretentious. In fact we ran into Nigel at K-Mart buying socks. In the Seattle show we were dress rehearsing and the big earthquake hit. The epicenter was directly below us: 40 miles down or so thank God. Nonetheless, scary.