Our mission at The Werks Group, LLC is to blend conventional with the
unconventional. That includes thinking and building. Great
inventions usually start with people with the "what if" mentality.
That "what if" mentality gives birth to possibility and questions, and
if you are like me you have people surrounding you, telling you " that you are nuts."
I like to call that fuel or motivation.

We want to begin to show that it's ok to think outside the box. Bring
back the importance of education by offering scholarships in the
future. The kids of today are going to be making the decisions, for
those of us who are in our late 40's, for our tomorrow.

The philanthropic side of The Werks Group, LLC won't be limited to
offering scholarships. We will be designing as we go on the TV shows
that we have been offered to incorporate ideas to clean dirty water in
remote areas. Bettering the quality of life for people through rescue
missions. We plan on launching our CO2 seaquesturing devices to
generate more oxygen to the atmosphere and knock the legs out from
under impending hurricanes.