For a couple of years, I was fortunate enough to be part of “The Thorn”. This was a production with at least 500 volunteers that all seemed to work seamlessly. We deigned both Demon and Angel entries and exits. Some slow speed and some 20 feet per second. The rigging crew at the church was a collection of guys with some knowledge, but turned out very quickly to be efficient and knowledgeable. Bonus-fun to be around. The vision of the show was grand to say the least. The sets were incredible, the singing and acting were rival of any New York show. We built a 3sided Kabuki Curtain or a Suck drape as some call it that was a huge hit. In the 9-day run, 50,000 people saw the show including Mel Gibson, who gave great reviews. There were some 22-hour nights where their crew never complained once. Thanks James B.
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20 Feet per second