The World Gymnastics Gymnaestrada was on honor to be part of and perform in. It was held in Dornbin, Austria. I had the chance to take my family with me and we drove through some wonderful sites in France and Germany. I made a trip over prior to the US Team leaving. Having the closing number in the GALA Show honored the US. These are the countries that are showcased after their committee sees a representation of what each country would like to do for a performance. Once the committee selects the countries then the work starts. I had to design the flying rigging based on the configuration of the ceiling steel. We performed in an Ice Hockey Stadium so my job really wasn’t that hard. We had a few days to rehearse what was practiced in the US and integrate with the other countries involved. Julie Jay choreographed the US teams number. All the silk performers and bungee artists and dance on the ground. The show was a great success even though we ran into some miscommunications on what type of rope to use, Dynamic versus Static. A trip I won’t ever forget and neither will my family

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2007 World Gymnaestrada