The Werks Group, LLC and Atmocean Inc

Green Energy and Global Warming are on everyones mind. Red Filmwerks, LLC brings out a documentary about a new science exploring this very nature.

It is said that the fastest growing trees on the planet can take as little as 18 months to reach maturity. The Princess Tree can grow as fast as 21 inches in 3 weeks. What if we can plant the equivalent to a full-grown forest in 2 days?

We explore a revolutionary patent from a visionary. See how this one patent, can help to solve numerous problems. It has already been seen on Discovery Channel and in Popular Science magazine.

What if a Hurricane, barreling through the Gulf of Mexico, could have its intensity diminished before it hits shore? What if fishing could be brought back to life in areas previously thought to be "an aquatic desert"? What if the warming oceans that cause coral reef bleaching could be cooled? What if a Amazon-sized areas could be implemented in the oceans, producing oxygen and absorbing carbon. All naturally.

Its most recent deployment, 100 miles offshore near San Diego on April 23, 2009, is now being tracked by GPS and generating ocean readings.