North Carolina Gold Show

What if you owned 50 acres of land with the most saturated amount of Gold per ton in the entire US / World? That equates to about 300 million dollars by today’s gold prices. What if you were a small band of North Carolina Rednecks trying to figure out how to get to it?

Well that’s the case in this Reality Show where Actor Christopher Atkins and Engineer Host Jeff Jay join this group to try and help design a way to keep the land from destroyed while at the same time trying to bring this band of guys into the 21st Century.

This show, although it has a potentially huge monetary reward at the end, is dressed with a group of characters that far exceed your stereotypical expectations. They keep you focused on the “Are they for real?” aspect, all the while looking through the science behind the extraction and processing of the earth.

Keep an eye on this production and for new developments from Red Filmwerks, LLC