The National Geographic Channel was in our shop last month filming the “Future of Exoskeletons” Episode.  Nat Geo is interested in the Stiltwerks Inc patents pending on the Lower Extremity Exoskeleton technology.  There have been numerous breakthroughs on the technology of walking and lifting.  Stiltwerks Inc, and Owner/Inventor Jeff Jay were consulting on the ability to get from one place to another rapidly and carrying the load. 
“we focus mainly on putting all the technologies together.  With all the tech I’ve seen, mobility is the last piece of the puzzle.”

This episode will air sometime before the end of the year and will be set on The Werks Group, LLC website to view.








The Werks Group, LLC is teaming up with Condor Cam, recently of dactyl cam, to add some exciting new POV shots to our ever growing 4K footage stock library.  Condor Cam is a new high speed, 50mph plus, camera with a 1000’ capacity run.  The rigging can be struck and re-rigged in hours instead of days.  Look for some cool video soon.  Until then check out to see what can be done.


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