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We at Werks Aerospace, LLC are capable of providing the government with exceptional service based on our extensive network of talented employees across the region. Our commitment to quality service helps to reduce downtime on all Aerospace Ground Equipment and allocate manpower to other areas both on and off the flight line. All work is performed in accordance with the 35-1-3 CH 2 of the AFTO. Based on the frequency requirement as dictated by corrosion severity zone, a comprehensive program can be put together to:

· Reduce the impact of corrosion
· Streamline the inspection process
· Maintain government requirements for equipment

Corrosion preventative compound applications can also be included with the SOW if applicable to the area. All of our services are performed on station by local employees. This assures that the quality of work meets or exceeds the government’s expectations, approved QPL products are being used on equipment, and equipment is returned to service in a timelier manner. Our expertise doesn’t end with AGE equipment. We are capable of putting together a program for vehicles and heavy equipment as well. Please contact us with any questions regarding the services available for your area.